Saturday, October 16, 2010

Visitor Comments from IWWL: Three Communities in Focus (Mid October Update)

"Great! I did this program during the summer of 2001. It has improved a lot since then but still brings back great memories! At that time all we had was a posterboard in the hallway - now a whole exhibit! Congrats!"

"The green city grid backdrop is fabulous! I like how it extends onto the floor. Tape art! I also want a decoupage crab for my apartment."

"Great project! I will take this idea back to Los Angeles. So important to learn and to look!"

"Looks like a great experience for the students at many levels - photography, teamwork, neighborhood exposure, creating the exhibit, and proudly displaying their end product."

"Wonderful, explore more the city!"

"Very good! This is enchanting. I learned a lot about neighborhoods in DC I had not visited. Thanks!"

"It was really inspiring to come back to see all the hard work that my son and his teammates put in this summer come to life."

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