Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Parkview neighborhood

One of the (many) great things about Investigsting Where We Live is that we often receive feedback and additional information about our neighborhoods from people in the city. We have people who write stories and additional facts in the guest book. People call us to give more information or send us emails. That connection to the communities is something that we really love, and continue to encourage. For example, once the exhibit comes down from the walls in the National Building Museum, we work with community members in each neighborhood to find a place to hang the photos so that they travel back to that community. We like that the process circles back around to the people who welcomed us in the first place.

Several people have contacted us about making a clarification about the Petworth part of our exhibition, and we felt we should make this information available to the public. Some of the photos show places that are actually part of the Parkview neighborhood, which borders Petworth. That's four neighborhoods for the price of three!

Parkview borders. Courtesy Parkview, D.C. blog

We try our best to research neighborhood boundaries before the participants go into the three neighborhoods, but once a group of 15 people hits the ground, you can cover a lot of ground and not necessarily always control the path taken. Over the course of four site visits, each student takes hundreds of photos, and as they are reviewing them, recalling exactly where that one particular photo was shot takes back seat to communicating the exhibit theme and the participants' story about the neighborhood.

That said, we want to make sure we are communicating accurate information about where we were in the city. Below are some of the images from Parkview.

Flower pot house by Diamonte' Jackson

King's Deli by Diamonte' Jackson

Parkview Rec Center by Amira Samiy

While in terms of culture and community there is much overlap between the two neighborhoods, we wanted to make sure we respect the identity of each area. For more information on Parkview, you can visit the Parkview, D.C. blog.

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