Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Visitor comments & sketches from IWWL: Three Communities in Focus! (Mid-September Update)

"I am so impressed with the care you took to really examine these three areas around DC. You each showed a great "eye" for life in your photographs and descriptions of each view. And, to think, at your ages, you've had an art exhibit in a major museum!"

"Really cool, I can tell it took a lot of hard work to put this awesome exhibit together - be proud of yourselves." (visitor from San Francisco)

"I visit this exhibit each year and I love seeing my city through the eyes of our young people. When my daughter is older, I would want her to participate in this program. Congrats to teens & staff!"

"I am impressed with the displays showing diversity, acceptance, pride, and beauty of these communities."

"This was a great show; sometimes stunning in the poetry & photography. The show gives me great hope for the future for these young people and their neighborhoods." (visitor from San Francisco)

"Thanks! I live across the river in Arlington and enjoyed learning more about DC communities."

"This is one of the more amazing kid driven exhibits I've seen. Just goes to show there is such beauty in every part of DC."

"Awesome work. Y'all make your neighborhoods shine! DC is a great city because of all of you." (visitor from Canada)

"Filled with personality, clarity, and truth. It was good to see, hear, and feel the message of the young."

"We enjoyed this exhibit greatly - it tells us to never underestimate the young!"

"Thank you for such a locally inspired and youthful exhibit! The photos and art are wonderful and the poetry was very moving. The crabs appear to have a few advocates!!" (family from Oregon)

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