Monday, November 15, 2010

Visitor Comments from IWWL: Three Communities in Focus (Mid November Update)

"Wonderful photographs - great job conveying the spirit of the three communities!"

"My second time at the exhibit - still just as wonderful as two months ago!"

"Great! Tebrikler!" - visitor from Turkey

"I think everything done here is amazing and I wish there were more activities in the community for all the children to do things just like this to learn and to have fun."

"I am a resident of Trinidad. I was blown away with the projects created by the students. Magnificent work!"

"Excellent exhibit - wonderful work with middle school youth and great insights into community."

Monday, November 1, 2010

Visitor Comments from IWWL: Three Communities in Focus (End of October Update)

"Wonderful exhibit! The pride and artistic excitement is so apparent on each young person's face.  Thrilling!"

"Inspiring - the young voice of these kids, their curiosity, kindness, warms my heart."

"I love the crab!" - editor of the Southwester

"Congratulations to all involved in this project. Students, you did a wonderful job! Teachers, you did too.  Thank you for sharing your experience and talents."

"Really creative collaboration & unique design. Keep it up!"

"Great job! You are inspiring a citizen/artist/educator from San Francisco!"

"Great exhibit that reflects a lot of creativity and hard work! What a great way to highlight the neat elements in these neighborhoods. Well done!"