Friday, December 17, 2010

Visitor Comments from IWWL: Three Communities in Focus (December Update)

"I really got a feel for the neighborhood and for the very talented teenagers who put this project together."

"I enjoyed the poems about Trinidad and it's buildings.  All of the exhibits make me curious about meeting the people who live there."

"What a creative and collaborative effort from young minds. Thoroughly enjoyed the different ways you displayed your explorations. Bravo!"

"I was in this program and looking back on it, we did an amazing job" - Jasmine M. 

"We are awesome!" - Sherve B.

"Great exhibit! We live in Southwest and you did a great job capturing its spirit."

"This was really inspiring. It is always good to look at a city with a fresh perspective and you have provided me that.  Thank you and good luck. Don't stop taking pictures."

"Beautiful photographs and exhibit. Well structured and displayed. Lots of talent!" - visitor from South Africa.