Thursday, April 14, 2011

Visitor comments from IWWL: Three Communities in Focus (March Update)

“Excellent exhibit! Thanks so much for listening to the voices and appreciating the artistic ability of youth. Thanks also for showcasing neighborhoods that are often ignored.”

“Enter your film into ‘Our City Film Fest’!”

“The kids have done a terrific job. May they be an inspiration to their environment and other kids. I love the poems. All are terrific, imaginative, and creative. Cierra – I’ve copied your poem. Keep up the good work you all.”

“This was a great exhibit! I love that the community was brought into the museum! Thanks for the experience.”

“I was moved by the poem ‘loneliness’ by Al’Asia. Seek it out the back wall.”

“Great job about Trinidad. I might consider properties over there.” – a SW DC resident

“What a super project! I was astonished to discover there is a neighborhood in DC called Trinidad. I just moved to DC area from Trinidad, West Indies. Thank you!”