Friday, June 25, 2010

Meet the Southwest Waterfront Team Leader

Hello! I am Lauren Wilson the Team Leader for the Southwest Waterfront group. I'll be working with the Waterfront Writer, aka Mary Cameron, to lead our group of teens on an exploration of this diverse neighborhood. I led the Columbia Heights team last year, and I am excited to return to IWWL this year.

I grew up in Maryland and have lived in the DC area for 3 years now and this week was the first time I actually walked around the waterfront in SW. It's very quiet, the water is beautiful, and the architecture is rather unique. I'm looking forward to exploring this neighborhood's fascinating history and learning more about future redevelopment plans.

Here are some pictures I've taken this week:

If anyone knows how I can live on a house boat, please let me know.

Mid-morning during the week is a great time to visit the Maine Ave fish market.

River Park Apartments on M Street.

Mural on the Randall Junior High School building.


  1. Hello Lauren,

    I can tell you how you can live on a houseboat. I can also invite you to come meet the liveaboard community at Gangplank Marina. Send an email to if you'd like more information. GPSA is the Gangplank Slipholders Association. Our website is located here: We also have a Facebook Fan Page. I look forward to reading more about your project.

    Jason K

  2. Love the contrast in these pictures. These pictures are a good explanation of SW.

  3. Love the contrast. Picture tells a lot.