Monday, June 28, 2010

Meet the Petworth Team Leader

Hey there, my name is Breck Furnas and I am the Team Leader for the Petworth group. I moved back to D.C. last December, having left for Chicago in 2005, and I'm constantly amazed at how quickly the city is changing. In the not so distant past, Petworth was not on the map of places to visit. I honestly was not sure what to expect on my first foray into perusing Petworth. Maybe I would find a neighborhood exclusively composed of older homes? Would there be very many businesses? What was the seemingly isolated Rock Creek Cemetery, dating back from 1719, going to be like?

My first and second visits answered some of these questions for me. I was fairly shocked to walk out of the Metro to find large-scale condos and new construction work going on along Georgia Avenue. While walking up Georgia Ave, I found a handful of restaurants, shops, and the lovely Qualia cafe (highly recommend the coffee!). The area along Georgia felt very much in transistion. There seemed to be some businesses closing down, some very old, and some that had just opened. Heading east deeper into the neighborhood, I was struck by how quiet it was: no traffic on the residential streets, few people on the ubiquitous porches that are apart of nearly every home, and only a small number of young people. The quiet allowed me to focus on the beautiful and often historic architecture:
It was also hot, hot, hot. For everyone on all teams - be sure to bring your water bottle!

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  1. Thanks for the description. Sounds like someplace I should visit when I'm in the area. I would have never known!