Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Groundhog Day

From: James Brown

I must admit the training and first day the students arrived seemed like the rewind of a bad 80s movie. It was all the same as the year before and the year before that. Every exercise and activity mirrored those I had already done up until the point when people started to participate. This made me think of the uniqueness of the National Building Museum and its outreach programs that have no competitors in the museum education world. There are no other institutions in this area that offer the programs this museum offers, they don’t come close to what NBM has done with reaching out into the community and educating children.
Completing the Investigating Where We Live program two prior times, once as a participant and the other as my existing teen assistant position, has been the most fulfilling summer activity I have ever done. The program has and is continuing to expand my awareness and understanding of the individuality and similarities of different DC neighborhoods. The skills such as discussion leading and communication that I have learned throughout my partaking in this program have h elped in just about every area of my life. My photographic sense has also been heightened due to the way IWWL helps me look at things in a different perspective than I normally would. My hopes for the program this summer are already through the roof and climbing everyday as I interact with the students. I am grateful to go through this photographic exhibition making process again.

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