Sunday, July 12, 2009

Our First Week

From: Alex Brown:

In my first week as a Teen Assistant in the Investigating Where We Live summer program, I have observed a lot. First and most important, in the last couple of weeks I've gained a substantial amount of knowledge about the neighborhood of Shaw-Howard University. Being a previous resident of Shaw it surprised me how much I didn't know about the community. Being in this program I am also developing leadership and communication with those younger than me. My personal goal for this summer is to interact and get to know as much as I can regarding each student, have a wonderful time, and make certain that our students acquire as much information as possible about their surrounding neighborhoods. In addition, all of the students are magnificent, eager to learn, and a lot of them seem to have a particular attachment to photography.

IWWL is the BEST!!!!

(above photo of the historic Howard Theatre was taken by Alex on an initial site visit to Shaw)

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