Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Reflections on the First Week

From: Antoina Wynn:

As a Teen Assistant for IWWL, the first day with the students was an exciting learning experience. The students are great, they all have individual qualities that when put together can create a wonderful exhibit. I have noticed that many of them are starting to form close bonds and friendships that everyone can benefit from.

My goal for the summer with IWWL as a Teen Assistant is to build upon the relationship I have with some of the students and to help them have a fun meaningful summer. I also would like to improve my knowledge of photography and the Columbia Heights neighborhood because I believe that I am always learning no matter where I am.

The lessons this week, “Learning to Look” and “Photography 101,” made me realize just how much more I needed to know and wanted to know. I now understand the reason why the museum looks the way it does and the interesting frieze around the building. Just by looking a little close I realized what the museum was used for in the past. Photography 101 made me realize just how much I love to take pictures and try to make sure that they are perfect in my eyes. The lighting and composition must be just right in order for me to be happy with my photos. I even have a new favorite photographer, Henri Cartier-Bresson. Being a Teen Assistant for IWWL is a great way to spend the summer!

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