Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Is It Really the End?

It's weird to think that IWWL has ended for the summer. The exhibit though, is up in the gallery and will be running until mid January. Three Communities in Focus has drawn so many visitors that we even needed to place a gallery attendant in the gallery space! It was great to experience the exhibition opening this past Friday with a large crowd consisting of family and friends of our participants and even community members.

IWWL has been such a great experience for me. I was able to meet such a variety of people from NBM staff members, volunteers, local photographers, and our teens. I learned a lot about communication and leadership while working with my neighborhood group. To think that in 12 days, as a group, we explored, brainstormed, designed, and created the amazing exhibit that exists today. There were some challenging moments, but in the end I am so proud of our accomplishments! I am also grateful to know more about D.C. and it's unique neighborhoods. I've become more curious about my surroundings and find myself exploring areas I wouldn't necessarily have prior to my time in IWWL.

I encourage everyone to visit the exhibit or even our facebook and flickr page if you aren't near by.

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