Monday, August 9, 2010

Visitor comments from IWWL: Three Communities in Focus

"Excellent artwork! I was moved, as a DC resident, seeing the different side to the neighborhoods. I hope they keep up with photography and poety."

"One of the most amazing kids' programs and exhibits I've ever seen! Great photography."

"Great photos, especialy Petworth Pine" and "Old & Withered". "Greenhouse Effect" - very interesting composition. Talented youth - you are the future!"

"Thanks to NBM & participants. I dropped in to see the lego exhibit but it was sold out. Fortunately, I got more than I bargained for by coming into the 2010 IWWL exhibit. GREAT perspective on our city. What incredible talent & creative eyes, ears, and hands for our benefit."

"Excellent! Talented Kids! Their eyes see DC. They're minds see an even better DC. May their hands and hearts make a better DC."

"As a photographer and someone who has enjoyed teaching children, especially about the environment, I find this exhibit inspiring."

"I swear my eyes are watering right now. This is an awesome project! The artistry of these kids is fantastic! Please keep this project up."

"My 3 kids and I love this exhibit. Seeing these neighborhoods through the eyes of other children. These communities are very different from our community yet the children have so much in common. Love the beauty..."

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