Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Looking back and looking forward

Reading my colleagues’ latest entries, everyone is amazed at how quickly the summer has passed. My reaction is no different. July is always such a whirlwind, but each year I turn around and the participants have produced another great, innovative, creative show.

This year the Trinidad team had to endure a long journey even to get to our neighborhood. We took the Metro and walked 20 minutes each way; we took the X2 bus and were crammed up against strangers; we even took school bus that broke down on our way back to the Museum. We did all this in order to accurately document and understand the neighborhood and talk to the residents in it. Everyone was a trooper as we trudged through the heat and humidity, and I appreciate their dedication!

The exhibit brainstorming and planning process, which is always a long process, went really well. All of the students had strengths that added to the final product. Cynthia and Josephine made some amazing mural paintings on our wall. Al’Asia and Bryant produced some fantastic writings. Malik and Kareem used their collage and interview skills to produce a neat station about our journey to and from Trinidad. Lindsey. Arianna, and Cierra used their steady hands to help cut photos for the interactive, and mattes for the photos and writings. Zac and Keenan painstakingly represented some of the buildings in Trinidad through models for our 3D map. Everyone functioned as a team and created a great exhibit.

I always look back fondly and a little sadly at the time in IWWL. It is crazy and busy, and it leaves you no time to rest, but it creates such a wonderful sense of camaraderie and friendship that I am sad to see go. Fortunately I am in the position to experience this program each summer. We can never recreate the same experience year to year, but each one stands alone, a unique and special moment in time.

Thanks again to all the participants, Team Leaders, and volunteers. You did a fantastic job!

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