Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Looking Back...

Taking a look back on the past month, I can't believe how quickly time flew by! It is unbelivable the amount of work and dedication it took on the part of the students to complete such an involved undertaking as: documenting a site with mulitiple forms of media, developing as a team an exhibition design, and also installing the entire show in two days. I have experience working in groups of young, established artists to mount an exhibition - trust me, it's no easy task. This experience, by contrast, was marked by the ease of transition from design to installation. The students came up with original and engaging ideas for the display of the photography and writing as well as for the interactive elements. This involved mounting writings behind corresponding photos which flipped up, using paint and vinyl to make a map of Petworth that went from the wall onto the floor, and allowing visitors to write on flowers that could be "transplanted" to another section of the exhibition. The exhibition as a whole looks fantastic, and I believe it to be a sophisticated conversion of documentation and design to exhibition display.

I greatly enjoyed by experience working on Investigating Where We Live. I learned a great deal about working in teams in a leadership capactiy with different people of different ages. I also was able to learn more about the history of D.C. and some of its often looked-over neighborhoods. IWWL has re-emphasized to me that art has a unique power to create change, both personally and socially. Best wishes to everyone and always remember to remain critical of your surroundings!

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