Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Amira: Petworth Reflections

After our last site visit and particularly the interview with Prince of Petworth, I gathered that Petworth, for the people who live there, has a strong a sense of community. People sit out on their porches and talk to neighbors. When you walk down any of Petworth's residential streets people are greeting each other and pitching in to help someone carry their groceries. Many people support Georgia Avenue's new development, but some hope for less chains, shops, and restaurants, and more local businesses. Petworth is also considered a place of work and pleasure. People commute from other neighborhoods to go to work and bring their children to the new water park. In fact, most people getting off the Georgia Avenue-Petworth Metro stop aren't residents. To sum up, Petworth is an appealing neighborhood for its residents and its visitors.

Here are some photos Amira took in Petworth:


  1. Great insights Amira. If it's that busy and neighborly on a weekday morning, imagine what it's like on the weekends!

  2. That's a great way to succinctly articulate what you learned from the interviews. Petworth definitely has a very strong sense of community, but that community is being faced with a great deal of change. It seems like the people of Petworth support what is happening overall, but they definitely have their opinions on how this change develops!