Thursday, July 22, 2010

Southwest Gets Creative

Southwest worked hard today to pull together our exhibit.  They put in a ton of effort, so we wanted to share some of the great projects they completed today. 

Denae created a beautiful model of Southwest Rowhouses.  Other group members helped her throughout the day.  Here they are hard at work: 

Denae and Sherve'

Denae works away

                                                                        All finished!

Rachel and London worked on the map with our volunteer Josh:

For our interactive we pasted fun facts on crabs and rubber fish and put them in a crate to represent the fish market.  Levi did most of the work on the interactive, here he is posing with it-

Imani made a model of the Southwest Waterfront Safeway.  Josh, Keana, and Sherve helped her out. Here they are with their great model-

Sherve' made "pop art" with her photo of a duck-

Yay Southwest!!! 

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  1. Great work today SW team! We are going to have a fabulous exhibit. I was so sad today was our last day, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that ALL 11 of you will be with us next Tues and Wed! Thanks for your dedication and hard work this far. I can tell that you are truly invested in our exhibit and that means a lot to me, Mary, and Josh.

    PS- Jasmine, nice photo bomb! :)