Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Leia: My thoughts on the Exhibit Design

After three weeks of site visits and helpful workshops, it's finally exhibit construction time!  In the Petworth group we noticed that many of our pictures were simply of things you would see as you took a walk through Petworth.  So why not have "a stroll through Petworth" as our theme?  We also noticed that there was a lot of construction, or "rebirth" in Petworth.  So we are trying to decide which one of these themes to use for our exhibit.  We are thinking about ways to make our exhibit eye catching, like using bright colors and catchy titles.  We also want to include interactive pieces in our exhibit, like maybe comment books where people could express their feelings on our exhibit and Petworth, or maybe even a little section where we give the people a picture and they have to construct that building or house out of legos.  We're thinking and planning hard, and I look forward to seeing what our final presentation will look like. 

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