Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Levi: Creative Writing Response

Levi, age 11, is part of the Southwest Waterfront group.  He wrote a creative response to some of the photos he took of the Fish Market-

Some fishermen went fishing once and cought some red fish and they caught something weird.  It was a weird fish.  So a fisherman named Bob took it to the fish market to check it out.  The fish market didn't know what it was.  Bob said "I'll name it Bobby Jack."  They played together.  Bobby Jack pinched Bob's nose.  Bob said, "Bobby Jack you're in danger, don't do it again."  One day the power went out and Bob was hungry.  His generator came on and he got a big pot, and put it to boil.  He grabbed Bobby Jack and said sorry old buddy.  Bob cooked him and steam fried him and ate Bobby Jack joyfully. 


  1. The legend of Bobby Jack! This story cracks me up every time. I think Bobby Jack should be the unofficial, or perhaps official, mascot of the SW Waterfront team! I know he's supposed to be a lobster, but do you think we could make him a crab instead?

  2. If Bobby Jack was a crab...he could be your paper mache model! Just throwing it out there...

  3. Joshua L. CampbellJuly 27, 2010 at 12:45 PM

    Wow! what a creative story!