Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Kareem: What I learned from Photo Review

On Tuesday students went through a photo review with professional photographers and the IWWL staff to get feedback on their work so far.  Kareem, age 12, wrote that he learned the following from this process:

I learned texture, rule of thirds, and how to shoot in different angles.  I also learned how to use vertical lines. 

Here are two photos Kareem took in Trinidad-

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  1. I enjoyed going to Trinidad. It was differnet from some other parts of DC. Every house in Trinidad is brick and in some parts of Trinidad the house are painted very bright colors. The people of trinidad where friendly and humble. Most people said the one word they would use to describe Trinidad was family. They talked about the changes of Trindad fromm good to bad and wished that outsiders would not think of Trirndad as a bad place.