Thursday, July 15, 2010

Team Trinidad - Writings from Day 9

"Diversity, historic, and community. Just three little words that mean a lot toTrinidad. Whether it's through the gardens, the houses, or the people, Trinidad is the place to be."

"Trinidad. A historical community with diversity like no other neighborhood. A colorful town that at times is opposite of itself. A place where neighbors are as close as family."

"Trinidad offers a close and friendly community, a diverse collection of buildings, places and people. There is evidence of history that still shows today.  Walking along the tranquil streets in the residential community, present are an array of widely colored houses, one after another, including unique gardens in front of each. People are friendly and welcoming, and each of their houses represent different personalities and character. Trinidad shows through its residents' homes and buildings that it is reshaping into a much more active community."

"Trinidad is a place people misinterpret as a bad neighborhood before but over the yeas it has changed for the better. Trinidad has a big community with friendly people and lots of pets.  The people in Trinidad are nice."

"Welcome to Trinidad - a diverse community, bundled with color, plants, and history. Friends and family are cherished and loved. Gardens and lawns are well taken care of. There are friendly faces and colorful life inside the Trinidad community."

"Trinidad is a nice neighborhood. There used to be a lot of crime but not anymore. A lot of the houses in Trinidad are brick. In some parts of Trinidad there are a lot of houses painted bright colors. There are a lot of flowers and gardens in the neighborhood. Trinidad is building a new school which is really good for the neighborhood. Trinidad also has two rec centers for kids. A new fire house is also being built. The people of Trinidad are very friendly and humble. Trinidad is a unique place!"

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  1. Great work today, Trinidad Team. We have a great foundation for our exhibit planning for next week!