Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Josephine: First Impressions of Trinidad

On our site visit to Trinidad, I saw a few things I had never seen before. On the way there, I noticed a lot of construction and noise. I also heard a lot of sirens. While walking towards Trinidad, there weren't many poeple.

However, once we entered the neighborhood the first thing I noticed was the style of the houses. All of the buildings were very old fashioned, but also very colorful and different. There was a lot of plant life and a lot of flowers and trees.

Overall I felt the outcome of this site visit was suprising. The neighborhood had a lot of color and plants and it was very quiet. I hope to see a different side of Trinidad on our next site visit.

Below are some of Josephine's photos of Trinidad:

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  1. I've been to the H Street area, but never quite in Trinidad itself. Your photos and descriptions make the neighborhood seem very accessible and a great place to walk around. You don't see those bright colors on houses much in D.C.